Client testimonials

Mrs Carole Fletcher, (Financial Director, retired, De Medicci Cards, UK)

A few years ago, I had a really troubling corn between my toes which was not only unsightly but very painful in closed shoes. A friend recommended Elcio Matos to me and after only one treatment the corn was removed and, 3 years later, has never returned. Mr. Matos is a highly skilled and professional Chiropodist (podiatrist) and has now been “looking after” my feet for several years. He has removed my corns, treated me for fungal infections of my nails and skin and provided me with inter digital custom made toe spreaders, to help straighten my toes and stop them rubbing on each other, as well as improving my posture and my walking balance. As a lady in my sixties, the sins of my youthful footwear ( high heels and pointed toes) are now catching up with me and a few years ago my feet were far from pristine condition. Under the care of Elcio Matos however, they have improved considerably and I would highly recommend him to any potential clients.

Mr. Ram Nandkishore, (Proprietor Polo House, Marbella, Spain)

I suffered from the agony, inconvenience and pain of ingrown toe nails for many years. Elcio´s expert handling of my feet, added to his great deal of patience and care, has sorted out my problem and I believe he is second to none. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending Elcio to any one who wishes him to look after their feet and nails. Remember all our body weight is supported by our feet.

Mr Jose Luis Sampedro (Renowned Spanish writer, novelist)

Muy agradecido a su amabilidade y a su competencia professional.

Mrs. Julie Cooper (Retired housewife, Costa del Sol)

I would recommend anyone to try Elcio´s foot care. I have been seeing him on a regular basis for the last three or four years. I can specially recommend him to people who suffer, as I do, with ticklish feet! I don’t have to sit, as I have done in the past, gritting my teeth, hoping that the experience would soon be over!! So thanks to Elcio, my feet now “feel and look good” thanks, Elcio.

Ms Ann Jackman (Company Director & Interior Design consultant Europe, based U.K.)

I have been attending chiropody clinics, medical pedicure practitioners and pedicurists for many years. Elcio provides a service that is up there with the very best. No-one else has ever provided me with such a long-lasting treatment that made my feet feel like I was walking on air and kept them soft and free of hard skin for months.

Mr Nigel Cox (Retired Company Director Star Executives, now based Marbella)

I had never had the need to visit a chiropodist until I retired to the sun. However with the ravages of time added to the constant use of hot weather foot wear (flip flops etc) or indeed none at all when walking on the beaches or in our garden, my feet have suffered various fungii and hard skin and their appearance was one I became quite ashamed of. Since visiting Elcio for regular foot treatment, my feet no longer attract critical glances and are so much more comfortable and pain free. I would recommend his services without reservation.